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It is simple to create a web scraper

Using this service you can simply create a web scraper for data collection from web pages.

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  • Visual creation of web scraper

    With the visual editor (built-in browser) you specify scraping rules that are subsequently converted to ScraperLab Script.

  • Script editor

    If the capacity of the visual editor is not enough, you can directly edit the web scraper script using all available ScraperLab Script features.

  • Generation of different web scrapers based on one script

    On the basis of one ScraperLab Script you can generate different programs in different languages. Now available a simple php web scraper and php web scraper with user interface. In the future we plan to create a generator of modules for different CMS.

  • Web scraping tool

    Prepared ScraperLab Scripts can be easily run on our server by one mouse click. When work is done you can download files with extracted data.

  • Support for popular formats to save data

    Saving the collected data is based on export templates defined by the user. Supported formats are СSV, XML, SQL and Excel.