Web Scrapers Generator BrowserExt

BrowserExt now uses Qt5

Updated BrowserExt for using with Qt5, also added several new methods, fixed minor errors.

Posted 2017-06-28

Fixed a major bug in BrowserExt

Our php extension BrowserExt for web scraping with support javascript had a bug that did not allow to work in x64 Linux.

We finally found and fixed this bug. Now BrowserExt works in x32, and x64 Linux in all modern versions of php5 (5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6).

Posted 2016-06-01

ScraperLab is also web scraping tool now

The feature of running scripts is added to the feature of generating a web scraper. ScraperLab Scripts can now be run on our server. To do this, there are two buttons in the list of web scrapers: "Run Control" and "Run result" . Running can do single and on schedule.

A limit to the load - 300 pages per day. While this function is available for free.

Ie if you only need to extract the data, you can prepare a web scraper and one-click run it. After running the generated files with the data can be viewed and downloaded.

Posted 2013-12-06

BrowserExt - php extension for web scraping

BrowserExt php extension is a programmatic web browser, based on QtWebKit and intended for web scraping.

  • Supports javascript and AJAX.
  • Uses xpath for selecting elements
  • Allows you to fill forms, click on the elements of the document
  • Allows to retrieve attributes, properties and other parameters of the elements of the document, iterate through the elements in the tree
  • Allows to download files by links
  • Allows to scroll the page vertically
  • Supports a list of proxy servers, checking proxies in few threads


Posted 2013-06-16