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Before assignment expression and some another language designs directive can be specified, such as @global.


This directive is used at assignment expression and means the assigning variable must have global scope. Variables have local scope by default, which means that they would not be seen inside the loadpage as it has its own scope. It refers to nested loadpages as well. Variable with global scope can be seen inside the whole program.


This directive is used at the expression with assignment. By using this directive in the web scraper without the interface, variable initialization will be placed at the beginning of the file for being found easily if setting for another value is needed. The name of the generated variable in the web scraper would be $input_variablename.

If web scraper with interface is generated, variables with @input directive could be defined through the web-interface. There is a "Configuring" section in the web interface where parameters types could be set. There are text, textarea and select types. Text type is given by a text, select type by a drop-down list, both of them are passed to the web scraper as a string. Textarea type serves to specify the array by using multiline text - each element of the array is set on the separate line; it's passed to the web scraper as an array.

With the @input you can, for example, implement a keyword search, which can be set via the web-interface and further scraping issue.


Can be used with functions loadpage, submitform and storefile. It sets multithreaded (parallel) load using the above functions.