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Filters the array keys and leaves elements with keys that are presented in all arrays. Changes the arrays passed as a parameters.

filter_eqkeys(p1, p2, ... pn);


p1, p2, ... pn Array variables that you need to filter.

Returned value: no.

This function is used for the arrays, returned by the get-functions and filtered with the help of filter_value, to leave only elements with equal keys to this arrays can be passed to store.

After using this function, the arrays will always have the same number of elements, regardless of what they were prior to use. Therefore if after get-function arrays have different number of elements (which means that after saving correspondance will be failed, in this case store will warn you) after use filter_eqkeys some elements will be filtered, which is not always correct. Generally, if after get-function arrays have not the same number of elements, it means that you need to change xpath from a single get-function, or use a design group.

If the built-in browser uses data filtering and number of rules in group is more than one, the script is always added filter_eqkeys with variables corresponding to the names of the rules of the group.

Example 1. Same keys of variables a2, b2, c1 will be only 1 and 3.