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Stores the data in accordance with the given profile exports.

[var =] store(profile, filename, params);


profile Name of an existing export profile.
filename A file name without the extension (extension is specified in the Export profile).
In the filename you can use {DATA} template, instead of it current date will be inserted.
params An array or a dictionary of parameters to save. If the type of export profile is csv, it should be an array (element order follows the order of saving data in csv), in all other cases - the dictionary (the keys correspond to the variables in the profile of exports and all begin with $). The elements of an array or a dictionary can be a one-dimensional arrays.

Returned value: a string of stored data, which was recorded in the file. Data can be easily returned in the generated form, without writing to a file - this is configurable in export profile.

Export profiles are created and set in the "Editor", "Export" tab.

Example 1. Saving data to csv (means that there is export profile with the name csv and type csv):

Example 2. Saving data to в xml (means that there is export profile with the name xml1 and type xml):