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The same is a store, only stored data should be a table (see maketable). Valid only inside the loadpage.

[var =] store_table(profile, filename, params);


profile Name of an existing export profile.
filename A filename without the extension (extension is specified in the profile of exports).
Designs {idname} could be used in the filename, where idname is a global or scope to higher level variable, number or string type. Instead {idname} the variable value will be substituted. Also you can use {DATA} design, instead of it current data will be shown.
params Table to save. If the profile type is csv, then the table must be an array of arrays, or it must be an array of dictionaries.

Returned value: a string of stored data, which was written in the file. If the returned value is assigned to the variable with @global directive, after full implementation of the loadpage, in which store_table is declared, this variable will contain the entire output, which was recorded to file. Data can be easily returned to the generated form without writing to a file - this is configurable in the profile export.

Export profiles are created and configured in the "Editor" section on the "Export" tab.

Example 1. Before storing the data form the table and filter the required values: