Web Scrapers Generator BrowserExt

Script Editing Mode

You can go to the script editing mode by clicking "Script" at the right side in Editor. It is meant for manual web-scrapers script editing.


The main part of the screen is dedicated to the script editing field. There is panel with buttons above it and output field below it, errors messages and dump function output are shown in it.

Lets take a look at the toolbar:

  • "Execute" button allows to execute the script right in your browser. The same thing is happening when you go to "built-in browser" mode, "built-in browser" frame is being used for page loading, but for this situation, you remain at the script mode. Not all functions are available and loadpage loads only the first page from the pages queue.
  • "Line" and "Column" buttons appear to be informative and show current cursor position at the script typing field.
  • "Disable the browser" checkbox. If it is selected and you go to "built-in browser" mode, nothing will happen (no script to "built-in browser" objects and back transformation), also if you go to Editor script, editing mode will be activated. It's saving your time, i.e. you don't need to wait for pages to be loaded. If web-site page is being processed in the script and it could not be loaded to the frame you should always select the checkbox.
  • "Helper" button calls for help window with the help of which you could paste fuctions in the script text if you don't remember parameters needed or fuctions purpose.

If you go to "built-in browser" mode, syntax mistakes or during work mistakes will be revealed, script editing mode will be activated again and mistake will be shown below in the output field. During the saving, syntax mistakes analysis is being done and result is shown to the user.

While editing a few shortcuts available:

  • Ctrl-Y - remove line.
  • Alt-S - save changes.
  • F1 - show documentation for the function.