Web Scrapers Generator BrowserExt


By means of this service you can generate scraping program to collect data from web pages. Generated program could collect text, images and files. Program is generated on the basis of script describing scraping actions (scraping rules). Script could be written manually or by visually specified scraping rules with the help of "built-in browser".

With the help of the web scraping rules and export rules you define web scraping algorithm in general simplified form, without worrying about the routine operations. Since the web scraping algorithm specified by the user, then you can create a web scraper for virtually any website or online store, ie for example articles web scraper or products web scraper can be realized. The generated programs can be installed on the server for continuous operation, such as for monitoring suppliers prices.

Depending on commands, used in the script, generated web scraper could implement following operations:

  • support for both single-threaded and multi-threaded page loading, the ability to set the delay before loading
  • cookies support, logging in to the web site
  • list of proxy servers support
  • data extracting by means of both xpath and regular expressions
  • images and files saving by link
  • ability to fill out the forms and send the data to the server
  • collected data export to CSV, XML, SQL or another text format, export to Excel is also available
  • data filtration commands before the export is supported by the script
  • work with mysql database

Generated program is distributed under the MIT license, i.e. you could easily change, complement or distribute it.

If generated web scraper does not meet you requirements we could update it for extra charge depending on the update's complexity. It could possibly be for free. Feel free to apply to the site's Administration by "Messages" section, which is available for registered users, or through "Contact Us".