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Built-in Browser

By means of "built-in browser" you can visually create script for your web-scraper, under the condition of web-site allows you to load themselves into the frame. Like in ordinary browser, you type web page address and after loading you mark needed data from the page with mouse. After nessesary settings are installed, go to script editing mode, and bases on "built-in browser" objects of web scraper's script will be generated, ScraperLab Script language will be used. You can easily switch between the "built-in browser" mode and script editing.

With "built-in browser" you can:

  • set scraping rules for the text, links, images links and getting xpath of the objects at the same time
  • set settings for the scraping rules, like saving images and files by the links, links addition to the downloading queue
  • group scraping rules
  • set up export of given scraping rules
  • unite some scraping rules in order to scrape lists and tables
  • set up loading for links scraping rules, i.e. loading and other page jump with rights of setting up the rules for it. Subpage loading is being realized by that, when link is being scraped, page on this link is being loaded and scraping of this page is being generated by it's own rules.
  • edit xpath rules
  • browse and select items in the html-tree of loaded page
Attention! "Built-in browser" is not working correct in Internet Explorer because IE does not support xpath. We recommend you using Firefox, Chrome or Opera.