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Script Editor

Script editor is used for future web scraper script creating and editing. Script could be run for testing right in your browser, but will be executed with some restrictions. Syntax highlightening and code completion is supported.

ScraperLab Script is an domain-specific language designed for web scraping. It has special structures and functions to simplify web scraping operations.

With ScraperLab Script you can:

  • load html pages using both GET and POST methods. Subpages loading is supported.
  • set up headers for page loading, including cookies
  • extract data with xpath or regular expressions
  • add links to download queue thereby organising walking through multiple pages
  • save images or files by link
  • save text data to one of exporting formats: CSV, XML, Excel or SQL
  • filter extracted data
  • generate links using the template for futher loading
  • work with mysql database